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Kerfkore – 3.5″ Radius

Kerfkore is our staple product.  Kerfkore is a bendable panel with a resin treated paper face.  Kerfkore allows for the tightest possible radius.  Fabrication is a little different than the other products in our offering.  Firstly, the fabricator will lay the Kerfkore panel flat on the ground and apply the desired substrate (veneer, HPL, ETC.)  The fabricator will then cut dado’s perpendicular to the kerfs in the panel.  They will then cut a temple from 1/4-3/8″ material into the pattern or shape they desire.  This template or pattern will be glued into the dado’s cut and the Kerfkore panel will take its shape!  No nails will be visible making reception desks and other applications quick and easy!

TimberFlex – 5″ Radius

Timberflex, our best seller in the TX, OK, AR and LA area, has an italian poplar face to achieve an excellent bending radus.  Timberflex is fabricated in a more traditional fashion than Kerfkore.  The fabricator will apply the Timberflex to the post or form it how they desire.  Once the Timberflex is installed, the face will then be applied with a veneer, laminate or painted.

Flexboard – 10″ Radius

Flexboard is the same method of fabrication as Timberflex.  Flexboard comes with a hardboard face rather than the italian poplar face.

EconoKore – 12″ Radius

Econokore is Kerfkore’s product to go head to head against bending luan plywood.  The main advantage to the Econokore is there are no flat spots!  Flat spots are commonly seen with other products and take a lot of effort and labor to remedy.

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