Comtrad Global Sourcing

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Comtrad Global Sourcing

Comtrad Global Sourcing was founded in 1977 by two visionaries. They saw the value and potential that was in Asia, they began strategically sourcing products. Comtrad started their overseas sourcing as a small chair parts and caster wheel agent with relationships begun in Asia long before Asian manufacturing was the popular and cost effective route to high quality sourcing, like it is today.

With nearly four decades of experience, Comtrad is a leader in offering an innovative approach to outsourcing manufacturing. Comtrad services a wide range of industries, offering a variety of OEM manufacturing disciplines. Big Picture Sourcing offers not only R&D Tooling, but also the advantages of our strategice global sourcing and logistic experience. Comtrad has particular expertise in the woodworking industry.

Comtrad Strategic Sourcing believes that the customized Big Picture Sourcing model is the best way for OEM’s to outsource their manufacturing and focus more of their effort on what they do best.

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